Hello My Fellow Toastmaster,

As conference season is on its top in the autumn time, I visit at least one per week. Being a Toastmaster for nearly 2 years, I am not able and I do not even want to quit my evaluator role. I also evaluate each and every time when I am listening to someone else’s speech outside our Toastmasters’ world. It was hard to believe in the beginning that people supposed to be experienced in the business field and definitely having the highest positions cannot deliver such good speeches as the majority of my fellow Toastmasters, while the number of those speakers who give an exemplary presentation is more than rare.

Delivering a presentation is not just about whether the topic is interesting or not or someone like standing on the stage or hate it is rather about how much you want to have a good speech.

You can have a well-written speech coupled with a disastrous delivery, and on the contrary as well. That is why; I have summarized the main take-aways of the World Conference of Professional Speechwriters Associations for you. These guidelines are vital, if time comes to write a prominent speech.

Winning the audience early on
The first step is “to be present in the moment”. Do some interaction with your audience, which will make your presentation memorable.

Using humor
It is already a picked bone that humor solves everything. Nevertheless, you should always remind yourself that humorous speech is not all about laughs; it is also about being liked. Always keep in mind that someone among your audience can have a different meaning of your joke. A recommended way for crafting humor is: Reduce, recycle and reuse.

Playing on emotions
A strong speech has an emotional impact. By using props, metaphors, analogies you can take your speech meaningful and memorable.

Prepared speeches vs. conversations
Some new waves say that prepared speeches are old-fashioned and you should focus on getting conversation with your audience. There are some forums, when a conversation is more appropriate than a structured speech, but prepared speeches are essential elements of the business words. Keep in mind that a good speech is worth investing in because it can lead to articles, blog spots, tweets and so on.

Calming nerves
Less is sometimes more. Concentrate on yourself, while delivering the speech. One thought at a time and do not mix your thoughts because of the lack of time. On the top of it, speak slowly and understandable, and do not forget to breath.

From meeting to meeting

Lately we have numerous Ice Breakers, which reflect that our new-comers start to involve with their manuals. Last week Anita Charles and Natalia Costin delivered their first speeches, while Csongor Patai organized his speech in the frame of his second project.

Hereby, I would like to grab the opportunity to raise the attention of all the members (not only of the new-commers) to pay attention to Competent Leadership manual as well. At those meeting, where you do not complete a speech project, work on you CL assignments.

How are you celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Toastmasters?

Get your club involved this October with a history themed club meeting or an open house for the community. To compete, send a link of your short video (maximum 5 minutes) or your article with pictures to  pro@toastmastersd95.org by October 31, 2014. For more info click here.

Do not forget that Budapest Toastmasters meet each and every week at CEU 6.30. pm.

I wish you a successful week, with the lesson of the week by Brian Tracy:
“The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve.

See you in the evening,
Judit and your Budapest Toastmasteres Executive Committee