Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

When was the last time when you have read a book, hmmm?
If it was a long time ago, then take the following points into consideration– mentioned by Nikoletta Lakatos (Secretary) in her 7th speech on Monday – what kind of useful effects reading has?

  • Decreasing the chance of Alzheimer syndrome
  • Enhance your memory
  • Your analytical thinking is improved
  • Enhance your ability to empathize others (especially the fiction books)
  • It makes you sexier as you look like more intelligent. 😉

Attila Rákos (VP-Membership) has researched another interesting topic in his 7th speech, as he revealed what makes man and women so different. Evolutionary biology is the reason behind why man and women act and react in a very different way in several life situations. Humanity spent most of its time in a hunter-gather lifestyle. As its result, human reactions are rooted that lifestyle. Good to know: Men had to be 100 % healthy if they were hunting, that is the reason why they immediately fell into bed from the slightest cold. 🙂

Eszter Rajki introduced in her 7th speech Frank Abagnale Jr’ s life, who was the protagonist of the famous movie „Catch me if you can” directed by Steven Spielberg. Eszter proved that a well-dressed person looks more credible than others, so he can get everything what he wants.

The best speaker award was win by Eszter Rajki, while the best evaluation was delivered by Attila Szabó. Best Table Topic speaker was Richard Beamish.

The world of the day „misfortune” was presented by our native grammarian, Richard Beamish. Misfortune means bad luck. E.g.: Then there were the musicians, dancers, and sculptors who had the misfortune of being ensnared on a college campus.

Something professional is in the air
Our VP – Leadership, Balázs Gergely CC, revealed a few names of the upcoming leadership stories series. Balázs is doing great with his teasers, as reading the following names: Bincze, Faragó, Farnady, Gergely, Szabó, Tasnádi, Temesváry in connection with leadership stories, I can’t wait to listen to their stories in person.

Humor and improvisation on the stage
The registration has officially started! If you want to try out yourself as a contestant in the category of humorous speech or table topic, then do not hesitate to send me your nomination to the Contest Chair (me J ) for  vp-pr@budapesttoastmasters.org . Please note that there is a chance to compete not only in English but also in Hungarian, as our area has a Hungarian-speaking Toastmasters club as well. So if you feel like competing but you are afraid that your English is not good enough then give it a try and compete on your mother tongue.

Let me share a short, but a heart-warming story with you. On Thursday, I had a meeting in Miskolc with the CFO of one of the largest manufacturer companies. The lady was around her 50s, and was full of energy. I said her that it was so good to meet someone so happy, energetic and motivated. Then she answered, this was common at their company. “I have been working here for 15 years, and my commitment is still huge and I am satisfied. This is not about the salary or anything else. The owners just found the way how to make us committed and all of us love working here.”

That is why I send you the following lesson of the week:
“Our job is not to figure out “how”. The “how” will show up out of the commitment and believe in the “what”. – Jack Canfield

Have a successful week my fellow Toastmaster and
See you on Monday at CEU, 6.30. p.m. ,

Judit and Your Budapest Executive Committee