Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

What are your first thoughts and feelings coming into your mind hearing the word of „competition”?

Do you like it? Is it a pleasant feeling because your reaction is to do your best in order to be the best?
Or on the contrary…
Are you in dread of the fact that you have to compete? Do you have a fear from not being the best so you instinctively try to avoid these situations?
Or are your feelings rather just neutral?

As for me, the definition of competition is a possibility to step out of your comfort zone and a chance to overcome your fears.

Being a fellow Toastmaster, you definitely know that (Budapest) Toastmasters provides you the chance of unlimited personal growth. That is why, I would like to encourage all of you to take the opportunity and compete at our club contest in the category of Humorous Speech or Table Topic or in both.

If you belong to the first group, who likes the spirit of competition, then it is not a question that you have to stand on the stage in September, because a person, like you, never misses the space to play.

If you are a type, being afraid of failure, then you are more than lucky, because Toastmasters and the competition itself can help you to overcome your fear. You just have to do the first step – nominate yourself – because no one else will do it instead of you, and then, trust me, following steps will come.

In case, you are neutral regarding competition, then ignore the fact that this is a speech competition and think of it as a speech slot.

Based on my personal experience, I can encourage everyone to take part in the competition, because last year I did and it was a great experience. I have never thought of myself as a person having a good sense of humor, just an ordinary one. Delivering a humorous speech and hearing the audience to laugh at my speech seemed to be the mission impossible. After a while, I said myself, Judy, you can do it. I looked for a mentor who supported me in the field of speech writing as well as practicing. Although, I have not won, it was a superb feeling that I did it and I did something what was unimaginable for me before.

Be aware of the fact that humor is an asset in your life, so if you can use it in an appropriate way then you can solve several difficult or inconvenient situations with its help, so it is useful to practice it.

Table Topic Contest does not require as much preparation as Humorous Speech, so if you just want to try out your impromptu ability in a competitive atmosphere then your place is on the stage.

By the way, if you feel unsecure and need some help regarding the preparation then look for a mentor who will definitely support you in all fields. For more info contact our VP – Mentoring, Viktor Morandini (vik.poeta@gmail.com)

The competition takes place on 15th of September in some unique location downtown Budapest. (More info is coming later.)

Should you have any question regarding the contest, please contact me (vp-pr@budapesttoastmasters.org).

I am looking forward to getting your nominations via e-mail (vp-pr@budapesttoastmasters.org) and sending the lesson of the week for you:
“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”

Have a cheerful week!
Judit ( Contest Chair)