Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

How are you? Are you feeling good, inspired? Or rather depressed because of this not so typical summer-time weather?

Either you feel okay or not, there is again some Toastmasters event which will energize you. In the frame of Leadership Stories Session – organized by Balázs Gergely, our VP- Leadership – , the first inspirational session will be delivered on Monday by Peter Temesvary.
The aim of Leadership Stories is to get to know the experience and advices of experience leaders, who can give you useful tips how to be the best and how to achieve what you want in your professional career. Peter has been working in a leader position in different fields for almost 30 years, so he has definitely valuable insights about leadership in practice.

In addition to this special “Inspire and Lead” event, we will have special guests from New Zealand; Stephen will be presenting his speech as the 4th speaker, while his partner Marlene evaluates the event as our General Evaluator.

There will be some socializing part as well after the meeting. This time, we will visit a new place, not the “old” Hídbár, but the place is a surprise for you, so join and you will see!

Meetup is active
We – at the Executive Committee –  are committed to increase the number of BPTM club members, that is why our club is registered on Meetup.com. Meetup is a unique page, where you can look for events, programs you are interested in. If you are a Meetuper then join BPTM’s event, if you are not yet, then check the page and join if you like it. This is the link to the direct connection.

Contest is all around us
As the contest chair, I feel a little bit disappointed that there are only a few contestants so far. Let me remember you Guys, contest is about your personal improvement. It is part of Toastmasters program and the aim of it is to practice something extra, uncommon activity. There is nothing to lose, you can just win. If you need some support regarding your choice of topic, or preparation please contact me (vp-pr@budapesttoastmasters.org), or Viktor Morandini (vik.poeta@gmail.com ) and we will help you to find a mentor for you.

I am looking forward to getting your nominations!

Compete on international level
If you are the best, or you have just had a luck :), and have won one of our club level contest (Humorous Speech or Table Topic) then you will take part in the Area level contest in Budapest, if you are good enough to be the first there, then you will enter the Division level contest (in Budapest) and then something fabulous comes – the District 95 Fall Conference in Frankfurt (November 14-16.).

In case you do not want to compete then just take the chance and join the Fall Conference. Why?
There are at least 95 Reasons to be there:
…Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests
…interesting workshops
…more than 250 participants expected
…happening in the center of Europe
…organised by Toastmasters clubs from the Rhein-Main Area

IT rules the world
Check Toastmasters Hungary’s QR code, made by our area-governor, Balazs Kuzsel.







I wish you an inspired week with the lesson of the week by Mahatma Gandi;

“If I have the belief that I can do it. I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have the capacity at the beginning.”

See you on Monday at CEU 6.30. p.m.,

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee