Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

Based on my almost 2-year long Toastmaster experience, I can say that Table Topic – or in other words, impromptu speaking – represents the biggest challenge for most of the TM members. There are also some experienced members, who do not feel comfortable on the stage when time comes to improvise despite of their long TM history.

I have to admit that I also rather belong to the group of these people than to those ones who like improvisation. However, I know that improvisation is at least as important, if not more, as prepared speeches. Several tough and inconvenient situations can be solved in each and every field of your life by this technique.  That is why I am more than happy that one of our most experienced Table Topic Speaker is ready to share his tips and tricks regarding what take a good impromptu speech. Let me invite you to our special workshop on Monday (1st of September) at CEU 6.30.pm., where Viktor Morandini will share useful advices in the field of improvisation. Viktor is really the person who is able to support you how to become a better Table Topic Speaker as he has already won several speech competitions and the famous Gift of the Gab as well.

In addition to that this workshop can help you to take part in our club speech competition on the 15th of September. Hereby I would like to encourage all of you to compete in the category of humorous speech, table topics or in both ones. The competition will take place in “Runtotta” – a sporty restaurant, 5 minutes’ walk from CEU in the same street. If you attend the event, I can guarantee you that you are going to have lots of fun, eat delicious and healthy food and socialize with your fellow Toastmasters.
So come and enjoy the Toastmaster spirit!

In case your are interested in competing please contact me (vp-pr@budapesttoastmasters.org), or in taking one of the following roles (five voting judges, a tiebreaking judge, three counters, and two timers) please contact our Chief – Judge Nikoletta Lakatos (nikoletta.lakatos84@gmail.com).

Last Monday we had a full-house meeting, where all the participants were convinced that being a Toastmaster is more than a profitable part of their life.
After delivering two 10th speech projects by Ivett Molnar and Marya Darabont, and becoming competent communicators, we had two unique speeches.

Stephen Budai DTM, past Select Distinguished Division Governor, past Presidents Distinguished Area Governor, twice past Presidents Distinguished Club President, currently District Mentoring Advisor and Chairman for the May 2015 District convention with 6 ½ years of Toastmasters experience talked about the positive sides of Competent Leadership Manual. On the one side, it gives you the chance to practice speaking in front of the public thanks to the numerous roles that you have to complete in order to get the CL award. On the other hand, it helps you to solve hefty situations outside the Toastmasters’  world. He used these techniques quite effectively for example on the football field.

Right after Stephen’s speech, Peter Temesvary was welcomed on the stage to deliver the first session of Leadership Series. Peter, as an experienced leader, introduced the tough part of leadership. He was talking about those situations when you have to deliver bad news. E.g.: Some of your employees did not win the promotion, they have to work overtime or you have to fire someone.
Peter mentioned three methods how to deliver these unpleasant news;

  1. You always have to be a human and this way you have to show the light at the end of the tunnel for your people.
  2. Take responsibility! When time comes, look into people’s eyes and do it quickly.
  3. Practice as much as you can.

I wish you a successful week with these meaningful thoughts and hope to see you tomorrow at CEU, 6.30. p.m.

Should you have any question regarding our club or the upcoming speech competition, I remain at your disposal.

See you soon,
Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee

P.S.: Keep the lesson of the week – shared by Ildikó Szilágyi, CC –  in your mind each and every day:  “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”.  – John F. Kennedy