Budapest Toastmasters latest News

In August 2017 out meetings temporary will be at H2O Budapest (Budapest, Eötvös u. 33. Fsz. 1, 1064)

More info: Budapest Toastmasters meeting venue and schedule

Dear fellow Toastmaster,

There is 1 day to go and you can hear the bests of the bests in Hungary!

Buy 1 get 2: with 1 ticket you can access 2 area competition! Ticket price is 2500 HUF

Curious about the agenda? Check it out:

Contest Room 1
13.00-13.30  Opening, keynote speech
13.30-14.30  D4 EN Speech
14.30-14.45  Break
14.45-15.20  D4 EN Evaluation
15.20-15.35  Break
15.35-16.25  HU Speech
16.25-16.40  Break
16.40-17.15  HU Evaluation
17.15-17.30  Break
17.30-18.00  Award Ceremony

Contest Room 2
13.30-14.30  D6 EN Speech + D4 DE Speech
14.30-14.45  Break
14.45-15.20  D6 EN Evaluation


Sign up for the event by filling out the registration form below to let us know you’re coming:


See you on the shining Saturday!

Greetings from CEU Business School!
In the 25 years history of the CEU Business School, we have developed an expertise in the Finance area, which has grown into the most popular topic in our education. Besides our existing programs, Katalyst Executive MBA, Accelerated One-year MBA, and MSc in IT Management, this year we have launched our new MSc in Finance program, where students can specialize either in investments/banking or corporate financial management.

We would like to invite you to a featured event of this program,


FREE WORKSHOP on “Corporate Risk Management
in the Post-crisis World”

by Dr. Peter G. Szilagyi

When? December 2, 2014 from 1700-1900

Location? CEU Business School, Frankel Leo ut 30-34, Budapest


Brief Workshop Description:
Corporate Risk Management in the Post-crisis World

Companies around the world are exposed to a variety of financial risks, including interest rate, inflation, currency, credit, commodity and M&A-related risks. The Global Financial Crisis and improved risk management capabilities have brought about fundamental changes in how these risks are viewed, identified and managed by top corporations. However, modern risk management practices remain seldom discussed and little understood both by companies that need to do risk management and by banks that should provide risk management services, especially in emerging markets. This presents a major competitive disadvantage in the post-crisis world, where companies with controlled exposures to volatile financial markets enjoy lower earnings volatility, a lower risk of financial distress, and a generally more stable operating environment. 

This mini workshop will introduce attendees to modern risk management from the perspective of non-financial corporations. You will learn (i) what risks companies should manage and why, (ii) how risk management policies should be developed and organized, and (iii) how the various types of risk can be measured and managed. In the process, you will gain critical new insight into the operational problems that today’s corporations face, how financial market conditions interact with corporate performance and decision making, and how banks can advise and assist companies to achieve their risk management objectives.

Understanding the problems covered in the workshop will be helpful to virtually everyone working in business, including as company officers (CEOs, CFOs, CROs, treasurers and beyond); accountants, consultants; corporate bankers, coverage officers, corporate financiers, private equity investors.

We kindly ask you to RSVP by November 26 to

With best wishes,
Anna Kaposvári
Head of Career Services

Hello My Fellow Toastmaster,

As conference season is on its top in the autumn time, I visit at least one per week. Being a Toastmaster for nearly 2 years, I am not able and I do not even want to quit my evaluator role. I also evaluate each and every time when I am listening to someone else’s speech outside our Toastmasters’ world. It was hard to believe in the beginning that people supposed to be experienced in the business field and definitely having the highest positions cannot deliver such good speeches as the majority of my fellow Toastmasters, while the number of those speakers who give an exemplary presentation is more than rare.

Delivering a presentation is not just about whether the topic is interesting or not or someone like standing on the stage or hate it is rather about how much you want to have a good speech.

You can have a well-written speech coupled with a disastrous delivery, and on the contrary as well. That is why; I have summarized the main take-aways of the World Conference of Professional Speechwriters Associations for you. These guidelines are vital, if time comes to write a prominent speech.

Winning the audience early on
The first step is “to be present in the moment”. Do some interaction with your audience, which will make your presentation memorable.

Using humor
It is already a picked bone that humor solves everything. Nevertheless, you should always remind yourself that humorous speech is not all about laughs; it is also about being liked. Always keep in mind that someone among your audience can have a different meaning of your joke. A recommended way for crafting humor is: Reduce, recycle and reuse.

Playing on emotions
A strong speech has an emotional impact. By using props, metaphors, analogies you can take your speech meaningful and memorable.

Prepared speeches vs. conversations
Some new waves say that prepared speeches are old-fashioned and you should focus on getting conversation with your audience. There are some forums, when a conversation is more appropriate than a structured speech, but prepared speeches are essential elements of the business words. Keep in mind that a good speech is worth investing in because it can lead to articles, blog spots, tweets and so on.

Calming nerves
Less is sometimes more. Concentrate on yourself, while delivering the speech. One thought at a time and do not mix your thoughts because of the lack of time. On the top of it, speak slowly and understandable, and do not forget to breath.

From meeting to meeting

Lately we have numerous Ice Breakers, which reflect that our new-comers start to involve with their manuals. Last week Anita Charles and Natalia Costin delivered their first speeches, while Csongor Patai organized his speech in the frame of his second project.

Hereby, I would like to grab the opportunity to raise the attention of all the members (not only of the new-commers) to pay attention to Competent Leadership manual as well. At those meeting, where you do not complete a speech project, work on you CL assignments.

How are you celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Toastmasters?

Get your club involved this October with a history themed club meeting or an open house for the community. To compete, send a link of your short video (maximum 5 minutes) or your article with pictures to by October 31, 2014. For more info click here.

Do not forget that Budapest Toastmasters meet each and every week at CEU 6.30. pm.

I wish you a successful week, with the lesson of the week by Brian Tracy:
“The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve.

See you in the evening,
Judit and your Budapest Toastmasteres Executive Committee

Hello My Fellow Toastmaster,

Do you know what I like so much about our club and Toastmasters in general?
So many different people having different background, lifestyle, and daily routine in their life come to our meetings week by week with a common goal; they want to improve their public speaking and / or leadership skills. Their reason why they want to achieve it is also diverse and especially this diversity makes all the meetings so colorful.

Two weeks ago Daniel Kovari delivered his Ice Breaker with the title “Dicebreaker” and showed us his extremely social personality. Then Ilona Kocsar presented her 4th speech project about golf and revealed that this game is not as snobbish as most of us think it is. As a third speaker Barnabas Szilagyi (ACS) delivered his 1st speech project from the Persuasive Speaking manual. As an experienced speaker, he convinced his audience why it is worth taking loan from banks.
Last week, Katarina Banfi and Attila Rakos took a further step in order to become CC, as they delivered 7th and 8th project from CC.

When was the last time, when you have completed a speech project? In case it was earlier then 3 weeks, then check Easy Speak right now and book your upcoming speech slot!

What’s the question?

Jennifer L. Blanck, DTM, wrote an awareness raising article about the art of asking in the last edition of Toastmaster Magazine.

The answer depends on how you ask, because the way we ask or frame the question, determines the kind of responses we get. Based on some experiments made in schools, it turned out that students were much more open and willing to answer a question like “Can you help me understand what happened before class this morning? “ as opposed to “Why are you always late?”.”
Toastmasters is also a good place to deliver such an experiment or just practice the art of questioning. Leading the warm-up round as a Toastmaster you can make your own experiment and check the way of answers you get from the members.
As for me, I can also prove you that questioning is the alpha and the omega in several field of business. One of my trainers advised me, that the reason why we have two ears and just one mouth is easy. We need to listen twice as much as we speak. “You should not ask a question unless you are willing to listen and engage.” – as Jennifer also stated.

Last but not least as a friend I can tell you that sometimes it is worth to stop for a while and to consider whether your communication and way of you ask your questions happen in the best appropriate way. Do you really ask what you want to know and do you really listen to the response?

Area – Division – District
As we left behind our hilarious area and division level humorous and table topic speech conferences, it is time to head to Frankfurt to take part in something magical, in Toastmasters 95 District Fall Conference 2014.

I have my own 95 reasons to be there. Just a few of them;

  • I love the spirit of TM conferences.
  • Frankfurt is a beautiful city.
  • Best place to socialize with your fellow Toastmasters from all around the world.
  • Workshops presented by the best trainers in the TM community.
  • It’s just unique!

In case you have at least 3 reasons to be there, then do not hesitate to book your ticket and hotel, as I did yesterday!

I wish you a successful week and keep the lesson of the week in mind:

“Progress, not perfection!”

See you on Monday at CEU 6.30. p.m.

All the bests,
Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committe

Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

How are you these days? Do you spend enough time with yourself? I mean, you have time to focus on your relaxation, your personal development, and your future goals?

If you feel that your time is very limited because of your other duties then Toastmasters is best spot to do something meaningful for your self-improvement at least once a week for a one and a half an hour. It was proved by Eszter Farnady on Monday by delivering the second session of leadership stories, in the frame she presented a complex picture about Coaching as well for experienced as for to-be leaders.

By definition Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal.
Eszter introduced her experience with this topic by giving examples of how to prepare for such coaching session and how to achieve positive outcome through the entire process.
1)      preparing for the coaching session
2)      listen and acknowledge the coachee’s problem or challenge
3)      discuss ideas and agree what’s going to happen
4)      follow-up with coachee
5)      praise the progress, positive results

The ultimate outcome of such sessions is to motivate the coachee.
To be a good leader one needs to be good coach without doubt. It requires practice.

Eszter finished with a quote from Rick Pitino, which I call to be the lesson of the week for you:
„Failure is good. It is fertilizer. Everything I have learned about couching I have learned from making mistakes ”

Division D Fall Conference
Speak Glamorous – Speak Humorous

The Central European Championship in table topics and humorous speeches – the Division Conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 11th October 2014.

This is a great opportunity to improve your public speaking and leadership skills. You will meet experienced workshop mentors, enjoy meeting people with similar goals and build a network of professionals from Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The event is now open for registration to members and interested non-members.
To register, please visit quickly:
Please pay attention; there are different categories of registration fees:
EUR 20: With coupon: Pre-registration through the website for the first 42 participants
EUR 20: Pre-registration through the website after 20th September
EUR 25: On-site registration

For detailed information about the workshops, programs please visit the official website of the conference:

Join us on Facebook as well and invite your friends!

In case you are ready to provide a „couch” for one of your fellow Toastmasters coming from abroad for one or two nights, then please do not hesitate to contact the Contest Chair, Ildikó Szilágyi – – to share your possibilities.

Should you need more information, please feel free to send me an e-mail!

Be always aware of the lesson of the week and do not afraid of making mistakes;
„Failure is good. It is fertilizer. Everything I have learned about couching I have learned from making mistakes ”

I wish you a sunny week and see you tomorrow at CEU 6.30 p.m.

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee

Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

As we have left our hilarious club level contest behind us on last Monday, it is time to cross our fingers for our best speakers on the area level competition.

Budapest Toastmasters will be represented by Barnabás Szilágyi (as the winner of the contest), and Viktor Morandini (second place) in the category of Humorous Speech.

Atis Szabó – first place in Table Topic Contest – and Richard Beamish – on the second place – cannot take part in the area level contest because of their other duties that is why Viktor Morandini and Owain Palmer will compete.

Should you are interested in the lots of fun we had on the contest, please visit our Facebook page and give us a like.

Hereby, on behalf of Emese Gál (Contest Chair) I would like to invite you to Area D4 and D6 Humorous Speech and Table Topic contest!

Date: September 27, 2014, 13:30 to 18 pm.
Location: Morgan Stanley office building, 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 8.
IMPORTANT: Please register at below link not later than September 24! Without registration, unfortunately they can not let you in the building, so please be there on time! (Registration applicable for contestants and roletakers)
Admission Fee: 2000 HUF, Includes coffee, water, a snack break, a terrace with a beautiful view and an excellent atmosphere for Saturday afternoon! 🙂
We are looking forward to the application of enthusiastic role takers too: timer, vote counter, assist for registration, doorkeepers.

Continue in a nearby restaurant after the contest to refill, get relaxed and enjoy Toastmasters community network! 🙂

Detailed program coming soon!

Role takers can volunteer at club Presidents OR at Emese Gál via FB or e-mail:

Joint to Cheer for your mates, Learn from the best of Hungary and Meet fellow Toastmasters! 🙂

Main organizer: Emese Gál

Leadership Stories Series

This is just a short reminder for you Guys that next Monday ( 29th of September) you should definitely attend our Monday meeting.


Eszter Farnady will share her leadership experience in the frame of Leadership Stories Session.

If you are working in this field, or you are just planning, this is the best way to learn something new and to become motivated! Trust me; this will be something unique!

Should you have any question, regarding the contest, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take care in these windy days and cheer up with the lesson of the week by Winston Churcill;

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 😉

See You soon,

Judit & Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee

Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

How to teach an onion to talk?

can be a tricky and confusing Table Topic question. But not for those, who took part in Viktor Morandini’s Table Topic workshop.
According to Viktor’s tips, after having a 30-second-long silence before starting to talk and using such frameworks, as:

  • Past, present, future
  • Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
  • Situation, action, result
  • Accomplishments, obstacles, next actions
  • “I believed this before, but I don’t think that way anymore because…”
  • What I like and don’t like about this

you will be able to cope with the most confusing questions as well.

Viktor’s 5 rules of Table Topic help you to be always ready to deliver an impromptu, miniature speech:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Work on the first idea that comes in your mind
  3. If you have no idea about the topic, try to steer away
  4. Don’t fire all your gunpowder in the first sentence
  5. Have fun!

Some more tricks that can save your improvisation and can give you fun:

  • Bridging – Instead of teaching an onion to talk, teaching someone else something else.
  • Alter the meaning of a word
    • “It’s better to be well read then to be read well.”
    • “Green statistics”
  • Add or remove a word – How to teach an onion to talk back.
  • Mystery –Recite rhetorical questions. Or was it really an onion? Did the onion actually only exist in his mind?
  • As a last resort – Something completely unrelated – Make it up! And if you are lucky you might be able to connect it to the actual topic.

Before Viktor’s session, I was around 100 % sure that Table Topic is not my cup of tea – and to tell you the truth – I supposed that there is not so much chance to improve in this field, because it is rather a talent than an improved technique.
Viktor convinced me and the rest of the audience that you have to do nothing else like keeping some of the rules in your mind and trust in yourself to share your first idea with the audience.

And now let’s have fun ….
In one week time (on the 15th of September, 6.30. p.m.), Budapest Toastmasters Humorous & Tabel Topic Speech contest takes place in Runtotta.

I am happy to inform you that Henry Scullion, our Keynote Speaker, will open the contest, sharing his thoughts and experience about Toastmasters.

Nominations are still open, so if you feel like competing in one or both categories, please do not hesitate to send me your nomination via e-mail to

The contest will be a unique, socializing event that is why we decided to organize it in a restaurant.  There is no entrance fee for the contest; however I would like to encourage all of you to order one of the delicious menus as dinner will be part of the program.

You can choose between two menus:
A menu/ HUF 1750.-

1. Tuscan bean soup with fresh baguette – Toszkán bableves friss bagettel
2. Roast vegetable penne with tomato mozzarella and parmesan – Sült paradicsomos zöldséges penne mozzarellával, parmezánnal
3. Dessert: Cheesecake with Nutella or chestnut cake trüffeles –  Nutellás sajttorta vagy trüffeles gesztenyetorta

B menu/HUF  2250.-
1. Bouillon with vermicelli noodles – Húsleves gazdagon, cérnametélttel
2. Ginger-orange duck breast with mashed potatoes – Gyömbéres-narancsos kacsamell burgonyapürével
3. Dessert: Cheesecake with Nutella or chestnut cake trüffeles –  Nutellás sajttorta vagy trüffeles gesztenyetorta

Use the following link to register yourself by typing your name and the code (A or B) of your chosen menu

Please note that not only Budapest Toastmasters organizes speech contest.

Skylark – the youngest Toastmasters club in Budapest – is waiting for judges and role takers to its Table Topic Contest on the 9th of September and Humorous Speech Contest on the 16th of September. For more info please contact Monika Hajdu. (

Should you have any question regarding our club or the upcoming speech contest, please feel free to contact me!

I wish you a successful week with the lesson of the week:
“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, that’s when you will be successful.”

See you on Monday at CEU 6.30 p.m.,
Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee

Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

Based on my almost 2-year long Toastmaster experience, I can say that Table Topic – or in other words, impromptu speaking – represents the biggest challenge for most of the TM members. There are also some experienced members, who do not feel comfortable on the stage when time comes to improvise despite of their long TM history.

I have to admit that I also rather belong to the group of these people than to those ones who like improvisation. However, I know that improvisation is at least as important, if not more, as prepared speeches. Several tough and inconvenient situations can be solved in each and every field of your life by this technique.  That is why I am more than happy that one of our most experienced Table Topic Speaker is ready to share his tips and tricks regarding what take a good impromptu speech. Let me invite you to our special workshop on Monday (1st of September) at CEU, where Viktor Morandini will share useful advices in the field of improvisation. Viktor is really the person who is able to support you how to become a better Table Topic Speaker as he has already won several speech competitions and the famous Gift of the Gab as well.

In addition to that this workshop can help you to take part in our club speech competition on the 15th of September. Hereby I would like to encourage all of you to compete in the category of humorous speech, table topics or in both ones. The competition will take place in “Runtotta” – a sporty restaurant, 5 minutes’ walk from CEU in the same street. If you attend the event, I can guarantee you that you are going to have lots of fun, eat delicious and healthy food and socialize with your fellow Toastmasters.
So come and enjoy the Toastmaster spirit!

In case your are interested in competing please contact me (, or in taking one of the following roles (five voting judges, a tiebreaking judge, three counters, and two timers) please contact our Chief – Judge Nikoletta Lakatos (

Last Monday we had a full-house meeting, where all the participants were convinced that being a Toastmaster is more than a profitable part of their life.
After delivering two 10th speech projects by Ivett Molnar and Marya Darabont, and becoming competent communicators, we had two unique speeches.

Stephen Budai DTM, past Select Distinguished Division Governor, past Presidents Distinguished Area Governor, twice past Presidents Distinguished Club President, currently District Mentoring Advisor and Chairman for the May 2015 District convention with 6 ½ years of Toastmasters experience talked about the positive sides of Competent Leadership Manual. On the one side, it gives you the chance to practice speaking in front of the public thanks to the numerous roles that you have to complete in order to get the CL award. On the other hand, it helps you to solve hefty situations outside the Toastmasters’  world. He used these techniques quite effectively for example on the football field.

Right after Stephen’s speech, Peter Temesvary was welcomed on the stage to deliver the first session of Leadership Series. Peter, as an experienced leader, introduced the tough part of leadership. He was talking about those situations when you have to deliver bad news. E.g.: Some of your employees did not win the promotion, they have to work overtime or you have to fire someone.
Peter mentioned three methods how to deliver these unpleasant news;

  1. You always have to be a human and this way you have to show the light at the end of the tunnel for your people.
  2. Take responsibility! When time comes, look into people’s eyes and do it quickly.
  3. Practice as much as you can.

I wish you a successful week with these meaningful thoughts and hope to see you tomorrow at CEU, 6.30. p.m.

Should you have any question regarding our club or the upcoming speech competition, I remain at your disposal.

See you soon,
Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee

P.S.: Keep the lesson of the week – shared by Ildikó Szilágyi, CC –  in your mind each and every day:  “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”.  – John F. Kennedy

Hello Fellow Toastmaster,

How are you? Are you feeling good, inspired? Or rather depressed because of this not so typical summer-time weather?

Either you feel okay or not, there is again some Toastmasters event which will energize you. In the frame of Leadership Stories Session – organized by Balázs Gergely, our VP- Leadership – , the first inspirational session will be delivered on Monday by Peter Temesvary.
The aim of Leadership Stories is to get to know the experience and advices of experience leaders, who can give you useful tips how to be the best and how to achieve what you want in your professional career. Peter has been working in a leader position in different fields for almost 30 years, so he has definitely valuable insights about leadership in practice.

In addition to this special “Inspire and Lead” event, we will have special guests from New Zealand; Stephen will be presenting his speech as the 4th speaker, while his partner Marlene evaluates the event as our General Evaluator.

There will be some socializing part as well after the meeting. This time, we will visit a new place, not the “old” Hídbár, but the place is a surprise for you, so join and you will see!

Meetup is active
We – at the Executive Committee –  are committed to increase the number of BPTM club members, that is why our club is registered on Meetup is a unique page, where you can look for events, programs you are interested in. If you are a Meetuper then join BPTM’s event, if you are not yet, then check the page and join if you like it. This is the link to the direct connection.

Contest is all around us
As the contest chair, I feel a little bit disappointed that there are only a few contestants so far. Let me remember you Guys, contest is about your personal improvement. It is part of Toastmasters program and the aim of it is to practice something extra, uncommon activity. There is nothing to lose, you can just win. If you need some support regarding your choice of topic, or preparation please contact me (, or Viktor Morandini ( ) and we will help you to find a mentor for you.

I am looking forward to getting your nominations!

Compete on international level
If you are the best, or you have just had a luck :), and have won one of our club level contest (Humorous Speech or Table Topic) then you will take part in the Area level contest in Budapest, if you are good enough to be the first there, then you will enter the Division level contest (in Budapest) and then something fabulous comes – the District 95 Fall Conference in Frankfurt (November 14-16.).

In case you do not want to compete then just take the chance and join the Fall Conference. Why?
There are at least 95 Reasons to be there:
…Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests
…interesting workshops
…more than 250 participants expected
…happening in the center of Europe
…organised by Toastmasters clubs from the Rhein-Main Area

IT rules the world
Check Toastmasters Hungary’s QR code, made by our area-governor, Balazs Kuzsel.







I wish you an inspired week with the lesson of the week by Mahatma Gandi;

“If I have the belief that I can do it. I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have the capacity at the beginning.”

See you on Monday at CEU 6.30. p.m.,

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee