Welcome to Skylarks Toastmasters!

The newest Toastmasters Club in Hungary is now Skylarks, chartered on 12th May 2014. The establishment of the Club was a coincidence, meeting the the Area Governor’s vision of creating new clubs, with motivated and enthusiastic people finding each other. Skylarks founders came from Budapest Toastmasters Club.

Our meeting venue is:

Aria Hotel Budapest (in the Rooftop bar) – Budapest, Hercegprímás 5, 1051

From the moment the idea was born to establish a new club responding to the growing number of participants at Budapest Toastmasters, it took only one month to recruit the minimum number of 20 members for the club. Now Skylarks has more than 30 members getting up early on Tuesdays in order to be ready for the 8 am starting time of the meetings. This early start inspired Dani Faragó to come up with the name of the Club.

The Club membership is a good mixture of veterans and rookies, natives and non-natives. The meeting atmosphere is always very friendly and motivating, so if you feel like you need an energizing start to your, come join us at one of the meetings on Tuesday mornings.