Dear fellow Toastmaster,

There is 1 day to go and you can hear the bests of the bests in Hungary!

Buy 1 get 2: with 1 ticket you can access 2 area competition! Ticket price is 2500 HUF

Curious about the agenda? Check it out:

Contest Room 1
13.00-13.30  Opening, keynote speech
13.30-14.30  D4 EN Speech
14.30-14.45  Break
14.45-15.20  D4 EN Evaluation
15.20-15.35  Break
15.35-16.25  HU Speech
16.25-16.40  Break
16.40-17.15  HU Evaluation
17.15-17.30  Break
17.30-18.00  Award Ceremony

Contest Room 2
13.30-14.30  D6 EN Speech + D4 DE Speech
14.30-14.45  Break
14.45-15.20  D6 EN Evaluation


Sign up for the event by filling out the registration form below to let us know you’re coming:


See you on the shining Saturday!