Dear Fellow Toastmaster,


Let me invite you to a very special Speechwriting  Workshop on Monday ( June 2nd) at CEU (1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 34 ).


The core question is, what you already have asked yourself several times, how to create a new story quickly?

In this session you will learn how to be a better communicator and use stories to enhance your business presentations.

Discover how to

  • be remarkable with your material
  • use elements of effective story telling
  • create new material with a framework
  • examine material
  • know different ways to open and close creatively.

Most presentations are invisible, boring and forgettable. They lack original material. If it’s not the PowerPoint Parade (one forgettable slide after another), it’s the Data Dump (one mind-numbing statistic after another). The only statistic people care about during this type of presentation is when will it end!

In this session, you will

  • analyse a winning story
  • discover multiple story telling frameworks
  • create a new original story immediately!
  • break the ordinary routine of how you open and close a presentation

and have lots of fun!


The session will be delivered by Bea Bincze and Viktor Morandini


Bea Bincze

Bea  is the Area D4  Governor of Toastmasters International, responsible for Hungary. She has just been elected PR Officer of District 95.

She completed Advanced Communication Bronze (ACB) and Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) programs.

She is the founder of 3 clubs.

She works for Busines Coach Kft. as business coach, mentor and trainer.

She also holds communication and leadership workshops, designs and managers mentoring programs.


Viktor Morandini

Viktor is an excellent storyteller with an great sense of humor. He is the first Hungarian to win the Gift of the gab, and he also won 2nd place on the Division Humorous Speech Contest (2013) and3rd place on the Division Table Topics Contest (2012).

He is also active for years as Executive Committee member of Budapest Toastmasters Club.

Has passed CC, currently working on  ACB.

If you attend the event please register at Easyspeak and / or join our Facebook event.


Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you on Monday!
Judit & Your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo Team

Dear fellow Toastmaster,

It is my pleasure to spread the news that the new ExCo will be in position as of July 1st with the following officers:

Attila Rákos VP Membership
Balázs Gergely VP Leadership
Barnabás Szilágyi Treasurer
Dávid Tasnádi President
Gábor Klinger VP IT
Judit László VP PR
Katarina Bánfi VP Education
Kristóf Szabados Sergeant at arms
Nikoletta Lakatos Secretary
Viktor Morandini VP Mentoring

The new committee will strive to keep the continuity and success of the previous club management, while bringing fresh energy and new ideas, too. Be always aware that we are pleased to help you in all matters of club life, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Hereby, I would like to say thank you to Attila Szabó (AGM Chair) and the AGM Organizing Team for making a unique annual general meeting happen with effective voting about the proposals and lots of fun regarding table topics.

As it was already written several times, Toastmasters never stops.

Last Continental Europe Toastmasters Conference was closed in Krakow this weekend. From now on, our area (Hungary) belongs to District 95 with the following countries together: Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finnland.

Do you know how to create a new story quickly?
If you want to discover how to
•be remarkable with your material
•use elements of effective story telling
•create new material with a framework
•examine material
•know different ways to open and close creatively

then join our upcoming Speechwriting workshop on June 2 at CEU. For more info, follow us via Facebook (

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,
Let me wish you a successful and nice week with the following lesson of the week:
“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

See You next Monday,
Judit & Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee Team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

In this newsletter you will find information about the Annual General Meeting happening next Monday, 12th May, also known as Game of VPs.

Your presence as a member at this meeting is very important so that the Election results truly represent the intention of the Club membership.

Until now, the following members have been nominated and confirmed as nominees:

For President:
– David Tasnádi

For Vice President of Education:
– Katarina Bánfi
– Wolfgang Frenz

For Vice President of Public Relations:
– Judit László

For Vice President of Leadership
– Balázs Gergely

For Vice President of IT:
– Gábor Klinger

We’re missing nominations for the roles below:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VP-Membership
  • VP-Mentoring
  • Sergeant at Arms

Please note that you can still nominate members for any of the roles, and for that, you can read a brief description of each role here.

It is also still possible to submit proposals recommending changes in the Club regulations.
Club changing proposals and counter proposals can be discussed via E-mail. Any of paid up member can write to the mail address ( until 9th May, and all the other paid up members will receive your mail. Members will solely vote on the proposals at the AGM. The discussion on them has to be done via this email group until 9th may, Friday.

Regarding proposals, following questions are worth to be considered:

What could go better in the club?
Do you want to make a change in the club?
What would help us to reach the mission of the club?

The agenda for the meeting will be the following.


Time Event
18:15 Arrival of guests (Guests can preorder meal)
18:30 Chairs start off with AGM
  50%+1 of members present?
18:45 Report by President
  Q&A session – accept report
19:00 Report by the auditor committee
  Q&A session – accept report
19:10 Fun
19:20 Award CCs, CLs, etc
19:30 Break (serving of preordered meal)
19:45 Fun
20:00 Proposals
20:15 Fun
20:30 Elections
20:45 Fun
21:15 Results, vow photoshooting
21:30 Networking
22:00 Adjurn

The venue: Veranda Grill & Wine Restaurant; 1096 Budapest, Vendel street 9.

Should you have any question regarding the event, please feel free to contact the AGM Chair Attila Szabó (

See you next Monday!

Attila Szabó CC
& the (current) Executive Committee Team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

Save the date: 12th of May 18:30, Veranda Restaurant, because a special and unique edition of Budapest Toastmasters’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up. It is called the GAME OF VPs.
What you can expect from this evening is a totally new experience of an AGM; Socializing, quiz, speed activity, superb cuisine, and table topics belong to the program as well as the election of club officers and the discussion of club changing proposals. For further information follow us via Facebook!

Beside socializing and fun, two important parts of the event should be mentioned:

If you want to have an Executive Committee, who does its best for the club on a weekly basis, nominate or get nominated for club officer roles. Please note that there are some ExCo members, who will not continue their ExCo journey, so you can apply for any of the posts:
– President
– Vice President Education
– Vice President Leadership
– Vice President Membership
– Vice President Public Relations
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Sergeant at arms
– VP Mentoring
– VP Information Technology

Please submit your nominations to Atis Szabó, CC, AGM Chair via email at

Is there anything what you have in your mind regarding changes in Budapest Toastmasters club? It can be about the structure of the sessions, about the club life or any simple proposal, which can be improving the club.
As a very unique AGM is planned, a Google group (called BPTM AGM) was created so the proposals and counter proposals can be well-discussed before the event. Your task is to send your thoughts to the group email:
Please note, that each Budapest Toastmasters paid-up member is allowed to make proposals, so it is your turn now…!!

About Toastmasters
Saying good bye, please read some interesting statistical data about the community of Toastmasters International, which reflect quite good, what a unique team we are:
Approximately 70 % of the members have Bachelor or Master degree, which means that Toastmaster community is well-educated.
Most of the members (15 %) come from the field of Information&Communication sector, while the second most popular industry where the members work is the Finance&Insurance industry (14%).
The unemployment rate in the Toastmasters International community is quite low, 2.5 %. And in general, the members belong to the group of high earners in the society.

Dear Fellow Toastmaster, we wish you a beautiful long weekend and please DO NOT forget to:

See you next week!

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

Special thanks go to Balázs Gergely, our Vice-President of Membership, for giving a professional and motivating goal-setting workshop on Monday.

Have you ever thought that Toastmasters has very much in common with marathon running? If you think about it, you realize that it is exactly true, as the most essential thing to complete both of them is to set your goals and then to be persistent. Week by week, month by month… and time will bring the award you aimed.
What a successful leader does is the combination of goal setting and planning. Based on the definitions; A goal is a specific objective you and your team must achieve. A plan is the blueprint for achieving these goals.
Be SMART when you are about to set up your goals and deal with Specific – Measurable – Action-oriented – Realistic – Time-bounded goals ahead of you.
Within the groves of Toastmasters, you always have to be aware of what your next goal is, what you want to achieve in the next semester. However, it is never easy to harmonize your busy life with the club. The five sequential steps of planning can support you to get over the hindering factors and complete your goals. Steps to be followed:

  1. Establish strategies.
  2. Set a time table.
  3. Assign responsibilities.
  4. Anticipate obstacles.
  5. Modify the plan as necessary.

Never forget, if goals are not written, they are just dreams. As they become written, goals are dreams with deadlines! Easyspeak helps you to overcome this issue, because your Toastmaster related goals can be set up and tracked easily via it.
Last but not least, take a look at the levels, what your next step can be regarding your Toastmaster development:





Distinguished Toastmaster












It is the link of the Leadership Excellence series Balázs was referring to during the workshop. It is part of ALB and I encourage everyone who would like to give a workshop to pick one of the projects.

Have you already heard about the Game of VPs?

This is a special and unique edition of Budapest Toastmasters’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 12th May in Veranda Restaurant. This event is for the Club elections so it is time to nominate or get nominated for club officer roles. Please submit your nominations to Atis Szabó, CC, Elections Chair via email at till 5th May.

Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee (ExCo) consists of the following officer roles:

– President

(- Immediate Past President: no nominations can be made)

– Vice President Education

– Vice President Leadership

– Vice President Membership

– Vice President Public Relations

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– Sergeant at arms

– VP Mentoring

– VP Information Technology

Further information about the roles and the current officers can be found on the website.

Also, if you have any proposals regarding any change in the club regulations, please send them to Atis as well.

What you can expect from this evening is a totally new experience of an AGM; Socializing, quiz, speed activity, superb cuisine, and table topics belong to the program as well as the election of club officers and the discussion of club changing proposals. For further information follow us via Facebook!

Please note that next Toastmasters meeting will be the Skylark meeting on 22th April, as the Monday session is closed this week because of the Eastern holiday.

We wish you happy Eastern!

Judit & Your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo Team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring time. However, be aware that Toastmasters never stops!

Please see below the upcoming events of our club and schedule them to your diary;

14/04/ 2014 – Goal setting workshop
Balázs Gergely (Vice-President of Membership) will deliver a Goal Setting Workshop. The first part of the event will be a speech about the importance of goal setting, then comes the workshop itself. The session takes 40 minutes, which will be followed by Table Topics.

23/04/2014 – Everpitch: Toastmasters Demo Event – Startup Edition
We invite you to our Toastmasters Hungary demo event from 7pm, at Prezi House of Ideas (Nagymezo street 54, Budapest, 1065)
This event is dedicated to startups and entrepreneurs, whose life and careers depends on how well they can tell their message….
So far, we have the following roletakers:
Speaker 1: Judit Laszlo, Speech about fear of public speaking
Evaluator 1: Julia Szucs
Speaker 2: Hans Peterson, Speech about San Jose, entrepreneur Mecca
Evaluator 2: Peter Temesvary
Table Topics Master: Tamas Mester
Grammarian: Steven Nelson
Ah counter: Monika Hajdu
Viktor Morandini – General Evaluator
Although it is needed to have backups as well, to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. In case, you could take one of the back up roles, please let Attila Szigeti ( know. For further information and updated news please join the Facebook event.

12/05/2014 – Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up again. Please plan to attend as we need 51% of the membership to be present in order to have a successful election. You can nominate members for any of the officer roles, and for that, you can read a brief description of each role here. Nominations should be submitted via email to Elections Chair Atis Szabó CC ( before 5th May.

16/05/ 2014 – 18/05/2014 – District Conference in Cracow
It is Cracow where approx. 500 Toastmasters from all over Europe will show up on the above dates. This is the last such event before District 59 being divided – and for that reason you cannot miss the opportunity!
What can you expect? A positive environment, lots of laugh, interesting workshops, a speech contest, many surprises and varied attractions. And, of course, a sumptuous Gala Dinner where we have a special surprise for everyone!

These were the most important dates for your diary beside the regular Monday evening and Thuesday morning meetings. Do not forget to check Easyspeak to attend the sessions and take diverse roles.

Let’s feel the Toastmasters’ spirit in this spring together!

Judit & Your Budapest ExCo team

For those that weren’t able to make it to the Tall Tale Introduction session at the Budapest Area Contest on March 22, 2014, I’ll give a little summary, below.

You can also watch here the recorded video of the session:

A tall tale is a story where the narrator walks the fine line between reality and fiction, fact and fantasy, truth and deception.  It often starts off as a perfectly “real” story, and the best tall tales are the ones where the audience doesn’t know where the narrator was just exaggerating facts, where the narrative took a sharp turn into the realm of fiction, or where the storyteller was feeding them a complete lie.  A well woven tall tale might even wander back and forth between reality and fantasy, keeping the audience hanging in uncertainty.  A tall tale can also be complete fiction right from the start, e.g., a legend or a historical tale, or something so absurd that the audience immediately knows it’s just a story, but what all tall tales have in common is that they are told with such conviction that the audience wants to believe every word.

One of the common tools of deception is for the narrator to place the tale in a setting unfamiliar to the audience (a different location or time).  In Hungarian we would say “messziről jött ember azt mond amit akar”.  In other words, because the audience isn’t familiar with the setting, but they have reason to believe that the narrator is, then they are less inclined to cast a doubt.  The tale might also take place in a location very familiar to the audience, but in a different time – this is common when telling a legend, where the tale explains a mystery or a little known fact associated with a very real place.

You don’t need to be a master story teller to tell a tall tale.  Just start with an everyday story, and let your imagination run wild.  Start by exaggerating the facts a little, embellishing them with a few twists on reality, think about a few “what would have happened if …” scenarios, and let the story run away on its own!

Here are a few of my favorite examples, to give you some ideas (the first five are the ones I showed in the presentation):

1.  Linda Evans tells a story of her new diet that is so absurd it’s almost shocking.

2. Fiona Herbert’s story starts off perfectly believable, until she meets a troll on a dark street.  Watch the absolute conviction with which she narrates – absolutely fantastic!  (Sharpen your ears for her Scottish accent).

3. Takako Sakamoto’s story about discovering that her husband is a wizard – Harry Potter’s stepbrother, no less – is absurd right from the start, but her incredible humor and theatrics makes me want to believe it!  (Sharpen your ears again, this time for her Japanese accent).

4.  Burton French tells of the town that sold their souls to the devil, and how they won them back.  This is a classic example of a legend, very well told.   (Though, because it’s not a personal story, it has just a tiny bit less conviction than the preceding ones, which highlights one of the difficulties of choosing a tale where you are not the protagonist).

5.  Heather Cook’s story of her first parachute jump is nearly perfect from the first second to the last.

And a few bonus clips that I didn’t have time to show during the presentation:

6. Jim Ball tells of the adventures his family had on a cruise to Mexico.  I like this one because it’s quite believable, almost all the way up to the very end (yes, renting a motorboat at night from a taxi driver’s brother is perfectly realistic in Mexico!).

7. David Lurie’s story about why he was nearly late for the tall tale contest had me mesmerized.  Full of twists and turns, and the ending is absolutely fantastic!

8.  Finally, Alan Donegan tells about his sword fight against a mysterious attacker, who turns out to be someone from …

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

Dale Carneige said: “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”

The reason why you visit Toastmasters is simple: Give the speech you wanted!

In order to be able to reach your goal you have to practice a lot, because excellent result can be reached by consistency and hard work. Practicing is not only about having prepared speeches, but also about taking roles at Monday and Tuesday meetings. Taking a role helps you to get out of your comfort zone and gives you the self-confidence on the stage to become an excellent speaker.

That is why, your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo team would like to encourage you to book a role for upcoming meetings. As for today, a Toastmaster, 3 Evaluators, an AH Counter, a Table Topic Master, a Timekeeper and a General Evaluator are still needed.

Show your enthusiasm and visit to book your role now!

Another important thing regarding today’s meeting is the membership renewal.  Please, pay your membership fee, HUF 12 000,  in cash until 1st of April. Barnabas Szilagyi. Club Treasurer, will be present in all meetings in March and collect dues right before(!) the sessions.

See you in the evening,
Judit and Your Budapest ExCo team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

we hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring with Toastmasters.

We believe that through Toastmasters we can become the self-assured, successful person we want to be. In order to keep up our membership, it is time to renew it! Membership renewal is due for the next semester (six month until the 1st of October 2014). We put all our efforts into keeping membership fee low, therefore it is still: HUF 12,000.
Please, pay your membership fee in cash until 1st of April. Barnabas Szilagyi. Club Treasurer, will be present in all meetings in March and collect dues right before(!) the sessions.

Our club level International Speech and Evaluation contest was held on Monday.  Two contestants stepped up against each other in the international speech contest: Attila and Attila both gave strong and well-constructed motivational speeches. Finally Attila Szabó’s main character, Zsuzsa néni melted the judges’ hearts and he won. 
In the evaluation contest, we had three brave contestants: Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Princess Leia – at least, according to the fantasy themed target speech that Attila Rákos gave, depicting a legendary battle between heroes of Star Wars and Hogwarts. In reality, it was Julia Szűcs, Attila Szigeti and Tamás Deák who competed, by evaluating the target speaker’s performance. Here, the trophy went to Attila Szigeti. 
The two winners shall represent our club in the Area contest this coming Saturday, 22nd March.
A big thank you goes to Dávid Tasnádi, contest chair, Niki Lakatos, Sergeant at Arms, Katarina Bánfi, Chief Judge, as well as the other judges, vote counters and timers.

As mentioned above, our area contest takes place this Saturaday in ELTE BTK Gólyavár (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt 6-8.) at 13:30. On the area contest you can see the winners of the Hungarian Toasmasters Clubs competing in the categories of International Speech and Evaluation.
The winners will represent Hungary on the division conference: Prague Speaks 2014 – Conference
We will also learn how to make a successful Tall tale speech, thanks to Peter Temesvary’s workshop. Fun, learning, and a great dinner in the XO-bistrot. Come and join us!

Should you have any question regarding the membership due or our area contest, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have a beautiful spring weekend!

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo Team

Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

Let us invite you to our upcoming International Speech and Evaluation Contest happens on March 17th at CEU. Winners of the club contest will go on to compete against the best of the other club winners in the Area level contest, which in turn is followed by the division level contest, in Prague on April 5th, and finally the District Contest held in Krakkow this year on May 16-18.

David Tasnadi is responsible for organizing our club level contest, as Contest Chair. Wolfgang Frenz already took the role of the Chief Judge and Nikoletta Lakatos will be Sergent at Arms. 5 Voting Judges, 2 Timekeepers and 3 Vote Counters are being looked for. This is your time to let the Contest Chair know that you take one of the roles.

In case you intend to take part in the event as a Contestant please use the link below for your registration:

The official language of the contests is English. However, if there is someone, who would like to compete in Hungarian in the category of International Speech, please notify the Contest Chair and the appropriate section will be also opened for you.

To get in the mood of contest, watch these videos about our evaluation workshop last year. Please note, that this material can be very useful to all of you in the field of giving evaluations on our regular meetings.
If you are interested in the International Speech category, check the speech of the latest world champion:

Toastmasters Division D Conference will take place in Prague on April 5th. Let’s see what is waiting for you there;

Are you ready?
Listen. Listen to the famous, wise members of Toastmaster clubs…
Are you really ready…?
Come to Prague on 5th April. It will change your life!
After a lapse of six years speakers from all over the world will gather to deliver the best speech of their lives. Result – they will win prestigious recognition.
Yes! Prague Speaks 2014 is here!
Once again Prague welcomes the society of revered International Toastmasters, in its inimitable way the atmosphere of the Golden city will assist in turning mere words into vibrant works of Art.
Come and learn how to change the world in a memorable phrase like Martin Luther King or Gandhi.
Yes, you can do it too! Discover the magical power of public speaking and secret recipes  for success – Toastmasters will gladly share it with you.
April 5 is exclusively and totally dedicated for you and you and you!

Spring 2014 is about our next Toastmaster experience; do not leave it out!

See you on Monday,
Judit and your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo team.