Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

we hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring with Toastmasters.

We believe that through Toastmasters we can become the self-assured, successful person we want to be. In order to keep up our membership, it is time to renew it! Membership renewal is due for the next semester (six month until the 1st of October 2014). We put all our efforts into keeping membership fee low, therefore it is still: HUF 12,000.
Please, pay your membership fee in cash until 1st of April. Barnabas Szilagyi. Club Treasurer, will be present in all meetings in March and collect dues right before(!) the sessions.

Our club level International Speech and Evaluation contest was held on Monday.  Two contestants stepped up against each other in the international speech contest: Attila and Attila both gave strong and well-constructed motivational speeches. Finally Attila Szabó’s main character, Zsuzsa néni melted the judges’ hearts and he won. 
In the evaluation contest, we had three brave contestants: Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Princess Leia – at least, according to the fantasy themed target speech that Attila Rákos gave, depicting a legendary battle between heroes of Star Wars and Hogwarts. In reality, it was Julia Szűcs, Attila Szigeti and Tamás Deák who competed, by evaluating the target speaker’s performance. Here, the trophy went to Attila Szigeti. 
The two winners shall represent our club in the Area contest this coming Saturday, 22nd March.
A big thank you goes to Dávid Tasnádi, contest chair, Niki Lakatos, Sergeant at Arms, Katarina Bánfi, Chief Judge, as well as the other judges, vote counters and timers.

As mentioned above, our area contest takes place this Saturaday in ELTE BTK Gólyavár (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt 6-8.) at 13:30. On the area contest you can see the winners of the Hungarian Toasmasters Clubs competing in the categories of International Speech and Evaluation.
The winners will represent Hungary on the division conference: Prague Speaks 2014 – Conference
We will also learn how to make a successful Tall tale speech, thanks to Peter Temesvary’s workshop. Fun, learning, and a great dinner in the XO-bistrot. Come and join us!

Should you have any question regarding the membership due or our area contest, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have a beautiful spring weekend!

Judit and Your Budapest Toastmasters ExCo Team