Dear Fellow Toastmaster,

An excellent Speechwriting Workshop was delivered by Bea Bincze, area governor, and Viktor Morandini, CC, two weeks ago.

Bea highlighted and set a practical example how to write a speech in a very short, but effective way. Please find a short summary of the workshop below, what you can also use as supportive guide when you face lack of time during writing your upcoming speech.

First of all, if you want your audience to pay close attention to your speech, then be always aware that you have two ways to connect them, emotionally and intelligently.
Techniques, like humor, personal experience, talking about evergreen problems or realistic stories, using quotes, having a catchy opening or a strong closing help you to deliver a popular and beloved speech.

While preparing your speech, keep always in mind the rule of 4H.

  • Head, what makes you think. Head stands in your service to connect your audience intelligently.
  • Heart, what makes you feel. Heart stands in your service to connect your audience emotionally.
  • Humor, what makes you laugh. Humor stands in your service to connect your audience in a funny, but memorable way.
  • Heavy hitting, what provides a strong punchline to your speech. Heavy hitting stands in your service to make a remarkable impression to your audience.

And there is an additional H as well; sounds like Hero, what means that make your audience your Hero. If you do it effectively, they will identify themselves with your story.

Keep in mind that a strong opening can help you a lot, as it raises your audience’s attention from the first moment, so focus on the following techniques:

  • Demonstration
  • Question
  • Quote
  • Do something unexpected or make an unexpected satement
  • Present data
  • Intresting props
  • Use illustrations: grapics or pictures.

When you are about to tell a story, give special attention to the following parts:

  • Characters of the story
  • Action should be clear
  • Resolution
  • Do not tell all the audience, let them to finish it. Be aware, less is generally more.

Last but not least, let me share with you Jock Elliot’s – world champion in public speaking – famous technique, called VIAGRA, what takes:

  • give VALUE
  • make an IMPACT
  • know the AUDIENCE
  • right ATTITUDE.

Do not forget that Toastmasters never stops! We are looking forward seeing you in our upcoming meetings at CEU every Monday at 18.30 p.m. .

I wish you a successful week with the lesson of the week:

“If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

See you soon,

Judit & Your Budapest Toastmasters Executive Committee