Budapest Toastmasters Leadership Track

Leadership Track – Advice

1. Any paid up member of the Budapest Toastmasters’ Club may sign up for the Leadership Track. However, it is normal for people wait until they have completed a number of speech assignments before commencing. The competent communicator and competent leadership track can be conducted in parallel.

2. If you are involved already in the administration of the Club then it is a good idea to start the Leadership Track immediately, regardless of how many speeches you have given.

3. In order to follow the Leadership programme you require a copy of the Competent Leadership Manual, which is priced at 3000 HUF. If you do not have a copy already this money will be collected in cash at the next meeting you attend, when you will also receive your copy of the manual.

Leadership Track – Terms and Conditions

4. By signing up for the Leadership Track you agree to be evaluated in your leadership skills by your peers. You should have read the guidance on what you can expect from this, and must acknowledge this in the signup process.  You can download the guidance below.

5. By signing up for the Leadership Track you also agree to be involved in project work of benefit to the Club. A minimum of three projects involving a minimum total of 50 hours work is involved. This is all voluntary. In addition, there are other more routine assignments. Please see the guidance.

6. Written records of your progress are kept in your Leadership Track manual. You keep these. A summary of your progress indicating only what assignments you have completed with no evaluations is kept at an on-line database. By signing up to the Leadership Track you agree to allow Budapest Toastmasters to store this data on-line. All data may be deleted immediately on receipt of your written request to do so. The data is kept only to facilitate the management of your progress and no use will be made of the data for any other purpose.