Toastmasters Meeting Roles

At Budapest Toastmasters we encourage our members to take on different roles at all of our meetings, which helps to gain experience in various areas and develop different skills. To sign up for a role or request a prepared speech please visit EasySpeak.

In addition to giving a speech at our meetings, the above mentioned main roles are:

Budapest Toastmasters meeting form the Toastmaster’s perspective

Leads the meeting, coordinates the agenda, introduces each of the speakers & keeps the meeting on the right track.

Gives a short introduction to the role, times speeches, table topics &  evaluations.  Time limits are an important consideration of any speaking engagement. Reports on timing at end of meeting.

AH Counter
Gives a short introduction to the role, counts speech fillers like ‘ahs’ & ‘ums’ during all speaking, and reports on counts at end of meeting.

Gives a short introduction to the role, records grammatical errors & reports on grammar and usage of memorable phrases at end of meeting.  Provides a word of the day to be used during the meeting & reports on usage at end of meeting.

Vote Counter

Counts the votes for Best Speaker, Best Table Topics Speaker, and Best Evaluator.  Reports on results at end of meeting.

Table Topics Master
Chooses participants (guests & members without roles get picked first) & topics for 60-90 second impromptu speeches.  The person called upon to discuss the “table topic” can be honest, fabricate, or change the subject.

Speech Evaluator
Provides a speaker with positive feedback & suggestions for improvement.  This important role offers an opportunity to support the speaker & sharpen listening & observation skills.

General Evaluator
Presents an overall evaluation of the meeting, and calls for reports by helpers (timer, ah counter, grammarian, and vote counter).