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In the 25 years history of the CEU Business School, we have developed an expertise in the Finance area, which has grown into the most popular topic in our education. Besides our existing programs, Katalyst Executive MBA, Accelerated One-year MBA, and MSc in IT Management, this year we have launched our new MSc in Finance program, where students can specialize either in investments/banking or corporate financial management.

We would like to invite you to a featured event of this program,


FREE WORKSHOP on “Corporate Risk Management
in the Post-crisis World”

by Dr. Peter G. Szilagyi

When? December 2, 2014 from 1700-1900

Location? CEU Business School, Frankel Leo ut 30-34, Budapest


Brief Workshop Description:
Corporate Risk Management in the Post-crisis World

Companies around the world are exposed to a variety of financial risks, including interest rate, inflation, currency, credit, commodity and M&A-related risks. The Global Financial Crisis and improved risk management capabilities have brought about fundamental changes in how these risks are viewed, identified and managed by top corporations. However, modern risk management practices remain seldom discussed and little understood both by companies that need to do risk management and by banks that should provide risk management services, especially in emerging markets. This presents a major competitive disadvantage in the post-crisis world, where companies with controlled exposures to volatile financial markets enjoy lower earnings volatility, a lower risk of financial distress, and a generally more stable operating environment. 

This mini workshop will introduce attendees to modern risk management from the perspective of non-financial corporations. You will learn (i) what risks companies should manage and why, (ii) how risk management policies should be developed and organized, and (iii) how the various types of risk can be measured and managed. In the process, you will gain critical new insight into the operational problems that today’s corporations face, how financial market conditions interact with corporate performance and decision making, and how banks can advise and assist companies to achieve their risk management objectives.

Understanding the problems covered in the workshop will be helpful to virtually everyone working in business, including as company officers (CEOs, CFOs, CROs, treasurers and beyond); accountants, consultants; corporate bankers, coverage officers, corporate financiers, private equity investors.

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